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TSI Marks a Milestone of Collaboration with Coursera

On November 10th, TSI celebrates a one – year milestone of collaboration with Coursera, a global platform for online learning and career development. A year of insightful discoveries, valuable materials and versatility in study process, that is highly evaluated by TSI students and academic staff.

TSI is the first higher education institution in Latvia with a partnership agreement with the global online learning platform. Coursera partners with more than 275 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant highest quality online learning, worldwide.

A wide range of learning opportunities (from hands-on projects and courses to professional specialisation certificates) was available for TSI students during this year. Spending over 1607 hours learning and completing more than 2661 lessons and more than 210 courses, TSI students  obtained valuable skills and knowledge, fulfilling their study experience in a flexible way.

TSI educators successfully implemented Coursera education in the TSI study process.

Integrating short Coursera courses (for example Python Data Structures) allows us to enhance specific students’ skills that are required for the successful completion of the core master’s programme and to make the education process more flexible and personalized,

evaluates the inclusivity and versatile approach of TSI and Coursera collaboration Professor, Dr. sc. ing. Dmitry Pavlyuk, TSI master’s programme director and head of research cluster.

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