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TSI lessons for schools!

TSI offers exciting lessons for high school students in fields of IT, robotics, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, logistics and aviation.

The purpose of the lessons is to excite students and stimulate their interest in further education and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). We provide students with insightful in-depth information in an easy and comprehensible way, thus showing that the fields of engineering and social science are versatile, inspiring and trending.

TSI invites schools and colleges to use the opportunity for youngsters to develop their skills and increase their interest and curiosity in subjects such as:

  • Software development in the era of artificial intelligence
  • Computer Vision Problems and Solutions
  • Introduction to Game Theory
  • Introduction to formal systems
  • Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present and Future
  • Being an Innovative Youngster: Exploring IT, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
  • Current Business Trends
  • Business Valuation Methods
  • Where and how will you earn money in the future?
  • Digitalisation in modern supply chains
  • Physics and Aviation: Fundamentals of Aircraft Flight
  • Physics and Aviation: Fundamentals of Helicopter Flight
  • Physics and Aviation: Fundamentals of Ekranoplan Flight
  • Physics and aviation: Jet and Propeller Engines – what’s the Difference
  • Physics and Aviation: Composite materials in Aviation
  • Physics and Aviation: Brief introduction to principle of flight. Why does an airplane fly but not flap its wings?
  • Aviation: Design and Modelling

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Lessons are held every Friday, online, which provides an opportunity to “visit” TSI not only for schools throughout Latvia, but even abroad.

We invite students to get inspired and develop their knowledge in STEM and social sciences!

! TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the only private higher education institution in Latvia that was highly rated in the QS World Rankings.

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