Students posing

TSI Debate Club

On the 25th and 26th of March Debate championship of Estonia took place at Tallinn University of Technology.

Members of the TSI Student Council decided to represent Transport and Telecommunication Institute and Latvia in the championship in order to develop and strengthen their public speaking, creative briefs, and communication skills.

Alex Binder, Artyom Chub, Nika Hristolubova, and Maria Leontieva were competing among the 26 teams for two days. Every debate was held in a form of “Minister VS Opponent”, where every team prepared the talking points and facts for the limited amount of time on a topic that was just given.

“Though it was challenging, we were very much excited rather than intimidated by this challenge” – says Maria Leontieva, a member of the TSI Debate Club.

Tallinn University of Technology, its staff, and students gave TSI students the warmest welcome, organized additional activities and tours, and took care of event hosting in the best way possible, per the feedback from students themselves.

We are proud of our student’s achievements and their will to be active and educated!

We support their aspirations and are wishing them the best of luck in future championships!

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