TSI and EIS and have signed a cooperation agreement

In early February, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) and the Exupery International School (EIS) signed an agreement of cooperation in the field of IT, telecommunications, robotics and aviation.

“This is a very significant event for us,” says EIS Director Dmitry Vinogradov, “As a modern and progressive school, we understand the importance of making a connection between education and real life. A close-knit and effective cooperation between middle school and high school is the model of education of the future, which we are already implementing today.”

TSI will provide EIS students with access to its high-tech laboratories, as well as unique apparatus. The robotics laboratories, for example, are equipped with equipment samples used by the most advanced manufacturing plants specializing in robotics. A separate source of pride for the Transport and Telecommunication Institute is professional flight simulators for engineers and technicians, which EIS students can now not only get to see, but also use in their research.

“We are very pleased with this partnership,” says the acting rector of TSI, Ph.D.sc.pol. Juris Kanels, – “We are confident that this will be a great way for many children to become inspired and connect their lives with programming, telecommunications, aviation and engineering. These areas have experienced significant growth during these unusual times and are in dire need of specialists. Therefore, the task of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute is to spark interest, and show how exciting, dynamically-developing and promising these industries are”.

Additionally, children will be able to gain a unique learning experience at the Cisco Academy, a non-profit educational program represented in 180 countries, which aims to provide fundamental training of IT specialists in areas such as data networks, cybersecurity, programming, system administration, and various other topics related to the Internet.

EIS students will be able to attend lectures at the institute, meet the professors and the students, as well as just simply get immersed in the student atmosphere.

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