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Referring to the current unusual situation with the educational process in schools The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) decided to help the Private Secondary School Patnis organize the learning process remotely. Patnis is a private school that provides the educational process from 1st to 12th grade.

TSI has been implementing studies in the form of distance learning for more than 10 years. The management of the Private Secondary School Patnis was offered to use the same digital tools that TSI successfully uses to organize the study process. TSI specialists conducted a seminar for School management online, demonstrating the capabilities and functions of the platform. Representatives of the School highly appreciated the possibilities of the solution to conduct classes in the form of distance learning: demonstrate and comment on presentations, communicate with pupils through both microphone and chat, as well as writing and drawing during the presentation, organize group work remotely, perform test tasks immediately during the presentation, show videos and more.

It was TSI’s social responsibility to help the School ensure the learning process by using its extensive experience in distance learning. We have prepared the learning environment for pupils and teachers very quickly and now we feel very glad because we believe that we have done a good job. But the main thing is that children are happy with the result, comments Mihails Savrasovs, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, TSI.

“In this tense time, when the learning process has to be organized remotely, it was clear to us that the forms of teaching offered by the teachers of the Private Secondary School Patnis will be different and one of them will be online lessons and consultations. In order not to confuse pupils with the crowd of many platforms and sites, we felt it was important to create a place where teachers and pupils could meet virtually, maintaining a sense of presence and without losing touch with each other. We explored several online platforms, because like TSI, Patnis wants to give his students the best. The response and contribution of TSI in helping to create a virtual Patnis is clearly very valuable in this difficult time for everyone. Now that the first week of remote work has been successfully completed, we can analyze our experience in the virtual environment and we have concluded that e-Patnis, developed in cooperation with TSI, is a successful solution for online lessons – pupils meet with teachers, discuss, learn and communicate – just like at school”, Agnese Putele, Director of the Private Secondary School Patnis shares her experience.

“This is the first pilot project for this type of cooperation with the school, but we are open and we will try to help other schools as much as possible in this difficult moment”, confirms Irina Jackiva, Chairman of the Board of TSI.

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