The Annual Conference RaTSiF-2021 was Held

On April 23, 2021, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute held the 39th Research and Academic Conference “Research and Technology – Step into the Future” (RaTSiF-2021)

This year, the conference was divided into 5 sessions, in which young scientists engaged in research in the field of technical and social sciences presented 42 abstracts.

Within the framework of the conference, an open workshop “Education in Digital Era” was also organized. The participant had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations by representatives of TSI:

  • Challenges of Education in Times of the 4th Industrial Revolution | Ph.D., Emmanuel Merchan, Acting Dean of Engineering Faculty of TSI
  • E-learning Game-based Technology for Training and Education of Transport and Logistics Specialists | Prof., Dr. sc. ing., Dr. habil. sc. ing. Igor Kabashkin, Director of the TSI PhD Programme “Telematics and Logistics”

Recorded conference is available HERE

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