Līgo 2023

Sunny Ligo from TSI!

Dear students, professors, and staff of TSI,

We are happy to congratulate you on the holiday of the summer solstice (midsummer) Ligo! This special day has deep roots in the culture and traditions of Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, and other countries of the Baltic region.

Ligo is a time of joy, celebration, and unity with nature. The holiday symbolizes the transition from long winter nights to the bright and long-awaited summer solstice. This day is celebrated with various traditions, including lighting fires, singing, and dancing. People come together to spend this special night, meet the first rays of the morning sun, and celebrate the new season.

We want to wish you to enjoy this wonderful holiday, spend time with family and friends, feel the atmosphere of fun and mutual connection. Let Ligo bring you a lot of joy, inspiration, and positive emotions!

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