Students, Young Researchers, and Curious Minds are Invited: Conference RaTSiF-2021

We warmly welcome students, young researchers, and curious minds to join on our 40th Research and Academic Conference “Research and Technology – Step into the Future” (RaTSiF-2021), which will take place online, by 3rd December 2021. You will have a great opportunity not only to share your own findings, but also to have a fruitful discussion about hot and vivid topics in the following domains:

  • Computer Problems of the Information Society and The Modern Electronics
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Market: Research, Projects, Technologies and Problems of the Modern Economy
  • Modern Technologies of Education

The registration of the conference has been started and the deadline for abstract submission is 8th of November 2021.

We encourage you to use an opportunity to take part in conference in online mode and enjoy presentations and discussions from any location!

RaTSiF-2021 is a unique forum for aspiring first stage researchers organised by Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) twice per year. Participation in a conference is amazing opportunity for young researchers to share their research results in technical, economic, and social domains as well to receive a first experience in participating scientific conference. During the conference, each participant has an opportunity to network with like-minded outstanding peers, establish professional collaborations, improve their scientific communication skills, and participate in a productive and exciting event.

The conference will be held in Latvian, Russian and English. Find more information here

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