DevLab, Software and information system development laboratory

The Head of Software and information system development laboratory


Dr. sc. ing.
Irina Pticina
Engineering Faculty
Irina Pticina

Academic degree and current position in TSI: associate professor, Vice-dean of the Engineering Faculty, senior researcher, chair of Laboratory of Software and Information Systems Development Laboratory”, PhD thesis: Urban Public Transport Quality Estimation” (2015).

Previous experience: Irina Pticina has been the chair of Department of Software Engineering Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) for five years.

Membership: National representative in some COST Actions:  TU0903 „Methods and tools for supporting the use, calibration and validation of traffic simulation models (MULTITUDE)”, TU0804 “Survey harmonization with New Technologies Improvement”

Academic experience: Author of more than 11 publications cited in scientific journals. The conference “Research and technology – step into the future”, Member of the programming committee.

Teaching at post- and graduate level: Image Processing (MSc in Computers Science, TSI), Programming, System Programming (Bachelor in Computer Science, TSI), Algorithms of Computer Graphics (Bachelor in Computer Science, TSI), Development in Net (Bachelor in Computer Science, TSI); etc.

Participation in projects: has participated in 6 European and Latvian research projects and 8 national transportation studies as researcher. National representative of COST Actions TU0903 „Methods and tools for supporting the use, calibration and validation of traffic simulation models (MULTITUDE)”, WG3: “Continuous National Travel Surveys”, European committee COST355; TU0804 “Survey harmonization with New Technologies Improvement”

Research Interests: Software Engineering, Programming, Computer Graphics, Transportation, Transport surveys. 

Supervised Doctoral, Master and Bachelor Theses (number): Promoted 7 Master theses and 79 Bachelor theses, supervised the PhD student in the Doctoral program Telematic and Logistics.

Awards: Competition for the bachelor’s theses in IT in Latvia, as a supervisor (2017, 2020). Open international competition for the best doctoral, masters, students and student research work related to the Riga city traffic problems winner of the research activity „ “Development of an urban transport system quality indicator for passenger transport””(2010).

DevLab is challenge-based laboratory of Computer Science and Telecommunication Faculty, targeted on organizing creative teams of developers who able to deliver smart software solutions to industry, based on cutting-edge technologies. Laboratory unites researchers, students and industry to create innovative solutions, develops new industry-demanded skills in the area, empowers start-up thinking and makes any students ideas possible. We are giving unique possibility for students to be involved in real software development projects and develop own practical skills, staying in campus and receiving support from leading teaching and research staff of TSI. In our projects we are feeding software, web apps, mobile applications and robots with artificial intelligence, forecasting methods, natural language processing, chatbots, behavioral models, advanced data analysis, augmented realty, image and video processing.

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