Topics of defended and on-going DA&AI master theses

Master theses topics conducted within the scope of the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence research cluster

Master Thesis TopicsAuthorYear
Study of the Hybrid Method K-Means and TadGAN Model for Time Series Anomaly DetectionVeronika Grundmane2022
Discourse-Aware Model for Compressive Text SummarizationJevgēnijs Girtciuss2021
Investigation of the Algorithm for Finding the Shortest Path in Markov-Modulated NetworksAntons Kolodinskis2021
Dialog Context Modeling with Recurrent Neural NetworksSergejs Tarhanovs2021
Human Activity Recognition with Smartphone Sensors using Machine Learning AlgorithmsBalabka Dmitrijs2020
Study of Spatiotemporal Feature Selection Methods for Urban Traffic Flow ForecastingEdgars Mertens2019

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