RelStat – 2023 Overview

The 23rd International Multi-Conference Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication hosted by TSI was held from October 19 till October 21.

Conference, valuable for researchers and representatives of the business industry, included insightful presentations and workshops in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science, transport systems and sustainability, logistics networks and modern technologies, digital economy and education. 

Specific attention was brought to the innovations of high importance aimed at development of technology in the transport and communication, for the good of business, education and quality of life for society. 

Online and offline participants from 14 countries – leading researchers and PhD students, industry professionals, researchers, educators and honorary guests were able to dive into the topic of a digital models of an intended or actual real-world physical product, system, or process – Digital Twins, interpreting the following, from the point of their expertise. 

Highlighting the level of expertise, sessions supported by ePICenter and eMEDIATOR projects within the workframe of Erasmus+ mobility programme took place during the conference. 

Participants of the RelStat 2023 conference highly evaluate the importance of the networking and knowledge expansion opportunity within the event workframe. 

Stay tuned for more news about recent and upcoming events.

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