Neuroevolutionary Metamodeling and Optimization: inventory control

Period: 01.01.2018
- 01.01.2020


Assistant professor 

Dr. sc. ing.
Ilya Jackson
Engineering Faculty

Academic degree and current position in TSI: assistant professor, researcher at the research cluster “Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Previous experience: 4 years of lecturing and research at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI)

Membership: Reviewer of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) and Transport Journal. Member of the scientific committee of the International Scientific Conference “Transbaltica 2021”. Member of a working group European Transport Research Review (ECTRI), thematic group “freight & logistics”.

Academic experience: More than 13 publications indexed by SCOPUS and WoS. Author of such courses as “Risk management in supply chains”, “Modeling Logistic and transport processes”, “Logistic systems and chains”.

Teaching at post- and graduate level: Risk management in supply chains (MSc in Transport and Logistics), Modeling Logistic and transport processes (MSc in Transport and Logistics), Logistic systems and chains (MSc in Transport and Logistics).

Participation in projects: participated as a researcher in several European projects including ALLIANCE (ID: 692426) and ePIcenter (ID: 861584).

Research Interests: Supply chain management, applied machine learning, simulation modelling, operations research and metaheuristics.

Supervised Doctoral, Master and Bachelor Theses (number): 1 master student completed master’s degree under my supervision.

Awards: Young Researcher Award was received at the 20th International Multi-Conference Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication, 2020, Riga, Latvia. Awarded paper: “Neuroevolutionary approach to metamodel-based optimization in production and logistics”

Project Type: Academic

Main Challenge:

Taking into consideration the urgent industrial need in metamodeling automation and recent success of neuroevolutionary approaches in neural architecture search and hyperparameter optimization, this aims to examine feasibility and efficiency of the combination of artificial neural network and genetic algorithm for automated metamodeling of inventory control systems. The developed framework is built upon the most prominent state-of-the-art practices and demonstrates solid computational capabilities in classical metamodeling formulated as a regression problem. Additionally, the possibility of using the proposed framework to derive optimal control parameters is discussed with regard to a real-world case study.

Funding: VIAA scholarship for doctoral research, decision N.1.-50.3/3889, decision N.1.-50.3/2978

DA&AI tools:

  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Neural Architecture Search
  • Genetic algorithm

Deliverables (publications, reports, acknowledgments, etc.)

  • Jackson, I. (2020) GitHub repository “metainventory” [online] Available at:
  • Jackson, I. and Tolujevs, J. (2018) The Discrete-Event Approach to Simulate Stochastic Multi-Product (Q, r) Inventory Control Systems. In: proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases (EJC-2018), June 4-8, 2018, Riga, Latvia. pp. 94-101 [indexed by Scopus].
  • Jackson, I., Tolujevs, J. and Reggelin, T. (2018) The Combination of Discrete-Event Simulation and Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Stochastic Multi-Product Inventory Optimization Problem. Transport and Telecommunication Journal, 19(3), pp. 233-243 [indexed by Scopus, indexed by Web of Science].
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  • Jackson, I., Tolujevs, J. and Kegenbekov, Z. (2020) Review of Inventory Control Models: A Classification Based on Methods of Obtaining Optimal Control Parameters. Transport and Telecommunication Journal, 21(3), pp. 191-202 [Scopus, Web of Science].

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