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Project “Integrated Model for Energy Generation, Distribution and Management”

Implementation ofcone more PostDoc scientific project has started at Transport and Telecommunication Institute on the 1st of December. The projects are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the activity Post-doctoral Research Aid.

Project „Integrated Model for Energy Generation, Distribution and Management ” (Nr.

Postdoc: Tatiana Endrjukaite

The main goal of research is to develop country energy mixture model for clean environment and economy development in Latvia and implement a prototype of a novel routed smart grid system for energy distribution and management.

The current research project includes objectives in three main fields:

  • energy generation and environment,
  • energy distribution and management
  • energy policy and economy.

 Every objective is independent and valuable by itself, but altogether they provide a combination where every part interacts with others and contributes to a complete energy model.

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