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New class from TSI partner X Infotech

On November 27th, a renovated computer class was solemnly opened at TSI. The unique design of the class is provided by TSI’s long-term partner – X Infotech – a global provider of software solutions for issuing and verifying digital identification documents and smart cards. Modernised design was implemented to create a nowadays in-time tech environment for training future IT industry specialists.

Sergey Eliseev, member of the board of X Infotech, commented on the history, goals and effectiveness of cooperation with TSI:

“TSI and X Infotech have been collaborating for more than 15 years.Together, we had developed a successful cooperation programme within which we offered motivated and achievement-oriented TSI students participation and internships in our most interesting new technology development projects, helping them to successfully combine studies with practice.

This cooperation started many years ago, when the company was just starting up. Today, we are a global company with multiple TSI alumni on the team, and former students have already become the base of the developers team. Without a doubt, we will continue to support the promising young talents, giving them the opportunity to learn not only theory, but to immediately apply it in practice in one of Latvia’s best IT companies.

Working at X Infotech is a multinational collaboration opportunity – we work in 60 countries, opening new markets every year. Just this year we opened cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Angola, cooperation with Zimbabwe is being actively coordinated… Moreover, our solutions are being implemented  not only within the private sector but also within the governmental sectors. These are successful, serious and global projects that involve the most interesting and latest technologies, for example, applications for biometric identification – face, eye retina, voice… and not only people, but also robots, drones… Young professionals can only dream about such projects!

Students who come to us from TSI are extremely highly motivated. They can be distinguished as people who can and want to achieve a lot in life and are ready to make efforts to reach their potential. These people are quickly trained in the work process and with the help of TSI and X Infotech they become absolute supermen in their field.

When a person is motivated and takes responsibility, he grows and our entire company grows with him. We are all learning and growing together, and we are very glad that we are walking hand in hand with TSI in this development stream. It is for this reason that we intend to continue our cooperation in the future.”

TSI is grateful to its long-term partner X Infotech for the unique opportunities provided to students!

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