New Books at Our Library

In January TSI library gets the addition of 48 new STEM e-books.

From now on, published works from Springer, O’Reilly Media, John Wiley & Sons, and other well-known publishing houses of scientific literature are available for students.

The additions of e-books are useful for bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programmes. A new source field containing studying books and scientific monographs is available to be discovered by future specialists 24/7 online.

Our TOP five choice of additions, that we highly suggest on getting familiar with:

Applied Machine Learning and AI for Engineers. (2022). Prosise, Jeff. O’Reilly Media, Incorporated,

Pro C# 10 With . NET 6 : Foundational Principles and Practices in Programming. (2022).Troelsen, Andrew,  Japikse, Phil. Apress L. P.

Electronic Circuit Design and Application. (2021). Gift, Stephan J. G.,Brent Maundy. Springer International Publishing AG.

Design Principles for Embedded Systems. (2021). Murti, K. C. S. Springer.

Introduction to AI Robotics.Second Edition. (2020). Murphy, Robin R.. I . MIT Press.

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