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New Achievements and Success of the TSI Robotics Club: “Sigulda Robot Cup 2023”

Recently, the TSI robotics club team participated in the 4th stage of the Latvian Robotics Championship in Sigulda. This year, one of the biggest tournaments for robotics enthusiasts gathered more than 250 robots.

As previously, this year’s competition had both Latvian and Lithuanian clubs and their robot engineers as participants.

The team of TSI Robotics Club, under the leadership of Igor Laksa and the teaching instructions of Ivan Gertsev, competed in four LEGO categories and iRobot Sumo disciplines. Overall, the team won a total of 6 different forge medals.

The greatest success was achieved in the LEGO Labyrinth, where a robot built by Emil Gruzitis, won 1st place, whilst Kirill Kulebjakin – got 2nd place.

Artemiy Makarovs won both 1st and 2nd place in the LEGO line-follower discipline, launching two robots.

In the LEGO Sumo discipline, where competition was the biggest, the robot built by Timofey Smirnov was able to compete until the finals, taking 2nd place.

In the LEGO Folk Race competition, the robot of Ilya Degils and Mark Zaleskis won 1st place.

A student team also competed in the iRobot Sumo discipline with an amazing success. The highest place was won by Alex Kavar’s robot, which was able to compete until the semi-finals and took 4th place.

We wish the best of luck and success to our team in future robotics tournaments!

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