MT-ITS, ISTDM, EWGT Conferences

Transportation is one of the strategic research directions of TSI, with world-level competencies researchers and extensive experience in project implementation. Modern transportation is a very data-rich industry, which requires the application of modern methods of data analysis, including artificial intelligence.

Professor, Dr. sc. ing. Dmitry Pavlyuk, researcher and head of the Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence research cluster, and study programme director at the TSI, visited three important international events, focused on the collection and analysis of transportation data:

Dr. sc. ing. D. Pavlyuk, evaluates the recent experience as extremely insightful thanks to the presentations of top specialists in the transportation domain. The list of discussed topics included the trending: recent advances in traditional transportation modelling approaches and cutting-edge issues, technologies like ride-pooling integration of multi-model MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) or drone-based transport surveillance.

Presenting his work, related to the idea of transport data valuation, Dr. sc. ing. D. Pavlyuk admits: “All researchers clearly indicate the importance of data, but the methodology of data valuation is just emerging. For example, nowadays every person can collect their own mobility data – information about commuting, preferred transportation modes, driving behaviour, and other mobility patterns. This data is acknowledged as highly valuable for transportation policies, but how we can measure this data value? In our studies, we try to tackle this problem from different aspects and propose different approaches and methods like a game-theoretic approach to data valuation, synthetic data as a privacy-preserving replacement for real data, and data exchange in multi-agent traffic forecasting. We believe that solving this problem will stimulate data sharing and collaborative data usage and enrich transportation science in general.”

Professor, Dr. sc. ing. D.Pavlyuk highlights the importance of networking within events of high importance, like MT-ITS, ISTDM and EWGT: “These events were a chance to meet the living legends of transportation science, ask them questions and catch their vision for the future of transportation. Among these prominent scientists, I had the pleasure of having conversations with professor Jaume Barcelo from the Technical University of Catalonia, famous for his works on traffic simulation, optimization and dynamic fleet management; professor Juan de Dios Ortuzar from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the author of eminent studies of the design and collection of mobility surveys and discrete choice modelling; professor Masao Kuwahara from Tohoku University, famous for his traffic engineering studies, and many others.

Although this is an honour to personally meet the most prominent scientists in the transportation area, communication with young rising star researchers is equally important. Ice-breaking events within the conferences brought many new contacts and opportunities for further collaborations.”

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