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Master’s Studies for Your Personality Type

Making significant life choices in a modern world seems challenging as it always brings the question of possibility of having a steady ground in the constantly changing reality. Decisions that lead to knowledge, skills or financial upgrade may seem even more demanding as they influence all parts of your life, at once. But how to be sure about your choice? Are there any go-to strategies that may lead to the key objectives in this decision-making? 

TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute offers a broad variety of study programmes and we are eager to help you in making your choice by finding the most suitable programme, exactly for your goals, lifestyle and personality.

DiSC system, systematisation of personality profiles, owned by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., provides an interesting classification and possible guidelines to increase effectiveness – taking the most benefit from adjusting daily work & study processes to your personal traits.

Firstly presented almost 100 years ago, the DiSC Model of Behavior was first proposed in 1928 by an American psychologist, William Moulton Marston. DiSC divides personalities into 4 main archetypes – D, i, S & C style people.

According to DiscProfile, D – person, is a person that is generally assertive, direct, strong-willed, and fast-paced. These people are leadership oriented and require positive acknowledgement in their field of expertise. If that sounds familiar, then a master’s in Management of Information Systems is just for you! Management of Information Systems graduates have shown themselves as a result – oriented IT management, that is able to rule in a constant development and adaptations, as well as keen to always stay in touch with the trends on the IT market in a broad business sector – from private to government. 

i – person, as said by DiscProfile is the one to be inspired and inspire – their influence on the ones around is immaculate and their ability to interact, connect, communicate and act creates an impulse that can “move mountains”. Master’s in Business and Management is the perfect opportunity to apply your potential to lead-roles for any type of organisation or industry. Soft skills make firm leadership, so if you are the i – person, willing to use communication skills to create connections, making decisions & collaborating with partners worldwide – this studies is the right choice.

S – person could be described as sincere and patient, accepting and reflective, as said by DiscProfile. These people are the ones to manage the “movement” itself, as they focus on people and the reflection their work is having in society. S – people can accommodate the needs of everyone in the team – no matter how broadly international and versatile it is. Some may say that “S” for an S – person is for Sustainability. Combination of this adaptability and thoughtfulness of S – person is the one for Transport and Logistics master’s programme students. 

For S – people aimed at the aviation industry – a Double Degree in Aviation Management & Sustainability is the best choice. Designed with UWE Bristol university (UK), this programme opens doors to the unique job positions in government and private aviation business sectors, including high management. 

C – person is the one to dig deep into analysis, structure and finding solutions, sometimes even through their scepticism, according to DiscProfile. Another cooperation with UWE Bristol university (UK) – Double Degree in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – is the right choice for people that would like to build their opinions and work results on a well researched basis and acknowledge all the possible tools to achieve effective results – especially with data analysis & in the most up-to-trends way. 

On the other hand, master’s in Software Engineering is a great opportunity to find versatile complex solutions while staying in touch with a constant analysis of the future outcome. Both programmes are, indeed, the future of tech & innovation and just what’s needed for C – people.

If you can feel yourself firmly balancing between being D – person and C person, you most certainly need to look into the renewed Computer Engineering and Electronics programme – analysing and building, dancing between taking actions and reflecting on the future outcomes in technology – that’s the portrait of a professional that studies and graduates this programme.

Have you found what describes you? Winter intake is active, so if you found a study programme for your personality traits – hurry up and apply as the number of spots in study groups is limited. Remember: TSI offers support not only for the ones that continue their earlier chosen path, but also for ones that decided to redirect their career to a new industry. According to the data of the latest survey, TSI master’s students rate offered study courses and the flexible study schedule at TSI very highly.

Bachelor’s programmes that are open for this winter intake in accordance with personality types are : Business and Management ( for D – people ); Transport and Business Logistics (for i – people); Aviation Engineering or Computer Science (or S & C  – people).

If you are willing to get more insights, take a look at other programmes, or consult about possibly becoming a student, please, do not hesitate to email, call, or book an online appointment with our Admission team.

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