Keen Interest in Coursera Courses – Join You too!

Given the current international situation in the World, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) believes that students need to be provided not only with an academic process, but also with additional training opportunities. No matter how strange it is, now is the time to sit down, think and use opportunities to provide your future with new knowledge and skills.

Thinking about its students, TSI decided to join the Coursera initiative, which gives the opportunity to take online courses for free. By applying to join the initiative, the Institute obtained a positive test result and authorization within a few days and now this option is also available to TSI students.

About 40 student requests are registered daily to join the Coursera and TSI initiatives. Applications are being processed expeditiously and more than 250 TSI students are currently connected to the platform and requests are being received every hour. The main study directions students want to study are Data Science, Computer Science, Personal Development, Business, Math and Logic, Arts and Humanities and others. Also, students who joined the platform the first, already have successfully completed courses such as Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with PythonInitiating and Planning Projects, Character Design for Video Games.

By taking care of its students, TSI really hopes that this opportunity will be used for their further education and investment in the future and Institute will continue to do everything to support their students!

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