“Innovation Management and Idea Brainstorming” Online Course

Do you have ideas that you are willing to materialize yourself or with your friends? The special online course by TSI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre iDEAHUB creates a unique opportunity for high school students (form 10-12) and university or college students – to participate in a course on successful creative ideas fulfillment “Innovation Management and Idea Brainstorming”.

During the course, participants will be able to gain skills and knowledge in innovation management (16 academic hours) and professional idea brainstorming (4 academic hours). 

Therefore, course participants and future business entrepreneurs will get invaluable experience, necessary for their future professional realization of innovative and creative ideas.

Participants will get knowledge on new product development, company innovation environment, exact strategies and other on-point topics, as well as a certificate.

Start of the course: on 14th February
Schedule: every Tuesday at 16:00, online
Language: English

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