students at class

Guest lecture of Latvian Business Angels Network LatBAN in TSI

On September 25th, LatBAN Chairman of the Board, Cyril Golub, conducted a special masterclass for the students at TSI. 

After discussions and finding out more about raising investment from business angels and venture capital, TSI students had an opportunity to pitch their startup concepts and receive constructive feedback. 

“Students displayed incredible drive and curiosity throughout the masterclass. They actively participated, asked insightful questions, and shared their valuable opinions, showcasing a strong desire to learn and understand.

What impressed everyone the most was the diversity of ideas that the students brought to the table, spanning from quantum mathematics to artificial intelligence. Their hunger for knowledge and innovation is truly inspiring.”- LatBAN describes on social media.

We understand how important it is for youngsters to get advice based on rich professional experience as well as support from mentors when implementing ideas – therefore, we are sincerely grateful to Latvian Business Angels Network for the unique opportunity that was provided to TSI students!

This event was performed with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia.

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