Greetings to the ERASMUS+ BIP Courses Students

This week, we host an intensive course at TSI within the Erasmus + Blended Intensive programme.

Students from  Algebra University College(Croatia), Estonian Aviation Academy(Estonia), European Humanities University(Lithuania), Kaunas College of Technology (KTK)(Lithuania), TTK University of Applied Sciences (TTK)(Lithuania),WSG University in Bydgoszcz (Poland)un University of Zilina (Slovakia) came to learn Software Project Management onsite course.

Welcome to TSI!

Giving their feedback for this week’s events, Blended Intensive Programme students rate their experience as engaging, interesting, and effective, as well as share their opinions and thoughts about TSI, the Software Project Management course, and Latvia:

I am learning new things and enjoying the environment here. I have studied in another Latvian university as well, but the communication with professors and learning process is far better at TSI.

This course was very interesting. I had the opportunity to gain new information and also to recap my knowledge. Also, there was a very friendly atmosphere the whole time. Last but not least, professor was really great!

Professor Ph.D. Mohammad Soltani is a great teacher, I especially like how much passion he has for his work. The days flew by, and I think in the future it would prefer to have a longer learning period in TSI specifically…

I found this course to be very informative and I actually liked dedicating this week just to dip deep in one subject. I loved getting to know Riga, it is really nice, and we had a lot of fun!

It was my first participation in the student exchange programme but everything went smoothly, I met new people, learned new things, and visited the beautiful city of Riga.

TSI is an excellent education institution that encapsulates modern new world ideas and teaching methods with the traditions. From our first day, we were made to feel welcome and appreciated both with the speeches and presentations. Everyone is friendly, communicative, and forthcoming, all the staff! Overall, an excellent experience which I would recommend to students interested in studying at TSI in the future!

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