Today, aviation is the safest transportation network and one of the rapidly growing industries in the world. The number of passengers is projected to double over the next 20 years. This is great news for the aviation industry and, at the same time, a huge challenge, as it will require twice as many specialists to provide and support this essential demand.

For successful development, aviation enterprises need highly qualified employees – both managers and technical specialists.

TSI educates such specialists – mechanics and avionics of aircraft, as well as pilots! The Modern technical base of TSI Aviation Center (APAC), internship at aviation enterprises, certified teaching materials and highly professional lecturers – an aircraft maintenance instructors ensure obtaining all materials in accordance with international requirements.

Why is it worth to apply for studies?

You will get

  • knowledge and skills applicable to real work
  • cool classmates and activities outside studies
  • individual and respectful attitude
  • internships and job opportunities
  • opportunity to gain international experience in an Erasmus + project
  • all your dreams come true!


Credit points: 80 CP | 120 ECTS / 60 CP | 90 ECTS
1.5 - 2


Credit points: 160 CP | 240 ECTS

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