Four More iDEAHUB Grant Winner Teams Have Been Announced!

Four more teams at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) were announced this week as part of the project “Grants for Students Innovations”, runned by TSI’s iDEAHUB – Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The iDEAHUB project will develop the Railway Maintenance Web-platform for railway operations, storing and analysing railway maintenance data using computer vision.

An APDoc application will also be developed to automate the processing of image documentation collection, sorting and reporting for freight forwarder companies.

A very important project for society, Volkirion, is being developed – a device for blind people that will allow them to remotely sense objects using sensors and haptic display.

We are also waiting for the development of a chatbot and a voice robot called MyCompany, which will be able to provide information about bus schedules and door-to-door route planning, using various vehicle types.

iDEAHUB supports the teams, offers free training and participation in workshops, promotes the involvement of business partners and funding for project development.

We wish success to all the teams, our support is guaranteed!

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