Workshop “Model of Smart Economy in Smart City”

TSI invites you to a seminar dedicated to the activities of the project, carried out under the postdoc program, “Model of Smart Economy in Smart City”.

The workshop will be conducted by a postdoctoral researcher, assoc. professor Dr. oec. Elena Popova and will be held on May 12 at 15:30 in the auditorium I.

The project is dedicated to the development of a smart economy model in a smart city, which assumes that some elements of the market economy are replaced by “smart” ones. For example, the share economy can be considered as smart element, successfully implemented in urban life.

Main goals & activity:

  • To analyze the implementation of the shared economy at the urban level,
  • To identify its positive and negative externalities, considering the economic pros and cons of Smart City solutions for current and future generations,
  • To develop a smart economy model in a smart city environment that minimizes negative consequences.

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