RelStat 2024


RelStat 2024

The 24th International Multidisciplinary Conference RelStat – 2024 is coming and will take place on September 25-28, 2024 in TSI! This year’s base topic of the conference is “Human Sustainability and Resilience in the Digital Age: Using Tech Innovation and Smart Algorithms”. Welcome to submit your papers by June 25, 2024!

  • Sustainable Transportation Systems Powered by AI
  • Eco-friendly Manufacturing Processes with Robotics and Automation
  • Modeling and Prediction Using Machine Learning
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production: Role of Technology
  • Enhancing Biodiversity through Technology-Enabled Conservation Efforts
  • Smart Transportation Networks
  • Smart Algorithms in Predicting and Modelling
  • Resilient Infrastructure Design Using AI and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain for Secure and Resilient Data Management
  • Resilient Supply Chain Management through Advanced Analytics
  • AI-driven Strategies for Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery
  • The Role of IoT in Building Resilient Communities
  • Cybersecurity in an Era of Increasing Digital Dependence
  • Adaptive Learning Systems for Personalized Education in Crisis Situations
  • Ethical Considerations in AI for Human Resilience
  • Leveraging AI for Sustainable Urban Planning
  • Renewable Energy Technologies and Intelligent Grid Management
  • AI in Traffic Management for Crisis Situations
  • Resilient Public Transport Systems: Adapting to Changing Environments
  • Enhancing Emergency Response with Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  • IoT and Big Data in Maintaining Transport System Continuity during Crises
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility: The Role of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart Public Transit Systems for Sustainable Cities
  • Innovations in Transport for Eco-Friendly Mobility
  • Integrating IoT into Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

You are welcome to apply your paper on one of the offered topics here:

Papers submission deadline: 25.06.2024.

Dates of the Conference: 25-28.09.2024.


During the conference, scientists from different countries, representatives of the industry, and government establishments will have an opportunity to review and discuss current trends, issues, innovations, ideas, and research results in the fields of digitalization and other related sciences.

The host of the conference is Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI).

In case of any questions, please, contact conference coordinator:

Jeļena Rutkovska, Latvia

Telephone: +371 67100586, +371 29409025

Do not miss the opportunity to upgrade and valuably expand your professional network, by participating in RelStat-2024!

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