Guest Lecture from Clarity: Low-code and No-code Development – Today And in the Future

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Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) in cooperation with Clarity, offers a guest lecture on “Low-code and No-code Development – Today And in the Future” on April 9th from 10:30 EET.

Do you want to create a prototype of application in 30 minutes without coding experience? Yes, now it is possible using Low-code and No-code platforms. During the lecture you will discuss why there is need and why almost every tech giant and start-up building low-code and no-code platforms. The lecturer will show you leading vendors and latest trends in low-code/no-code platforms, and you will speculate about its  future. Also, during the lecture you will build web application using free open source low-code platform. You’ll get the answers upon these and many other questions during the guest lecture.

The guest lecture will be held by Artur Babyuk, Chief Technology Officer (branch company of Clarity).

The guest lecture will take place online. To get an access link, please write via email

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