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Cloud Integration. How to create my first professional API

Have you ever thought about what process you start by attaching a bank card to a payment terminal in a store or by checking your bank account statement on the mobile phone?

Big and modern Cloud Apps such as banks, retail stores, industrial enterprises, media companies, social networks and instant messengers all have APIs that allow them to exchange data with other systems. But they all “speak different languages”. Cloud integrators help these systems to understand each other. They create APIs that securely receive data from one system, process it, and send it to another system.

MuleSoft as a part of Salesforce is one of the world’s leading platforms for building integration solutions. At this lecture you will know a lot about Cloud Integration and will rise the Amazon relation database and will learn how with MuleSoft create a real API for it.

Cloud Integrators have a wide knowledge of various technologies, which makes their work exciting and allows them to feel confident in the labor market. Due to the rapid growth of data flow, there is an acute demand for such specialists.

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