Discussion evening – Metaverse

Next week, our student club Borya Chicorya, together with the Student Council of TSI, is organizing a discussion evening, and we invite you to join us in the Metaverse Evening!

This is your chance to dive into the fascinating world of the Metaverse, learn about cutting-edge VR technologies, and discuss their impact on education and beyond. A special guest will also share their insight on the topic.

In the best tradition of our evenings – we welcome everyone: students, pupils, academic staff and everyone who is interested!

Date and time: 6th of June at 16:00
Location: TSI campus

To participate – please message the Borya Chicorya Bot

The metaverse – a virtual world in which users represented by avatars interact, allowing you to explore virtual 3D spaces where you can socialize, learn, collaborate and play.

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