Smart Move


Apply for the Hackathon: € 1.5K Prize for the Best Mobility Solution

If you are interested in the field of STEM, want to create a greener, smarter, more inclusive Europe, find solutions for current challenges in the field of mobility, and apply for the 24-hour mobility solution hackathon Smart Move, which will take place on the May 8-9, 2024, organized by Junior Achievement Latvia (JA Latvia) and Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI).

During two days, the teams will work on solutions to one of the selected challenges under the guidance of experienced mentors:

  • The future prospects of alternative fuels (e.g. biofuels) in long-distance transport in Europe
  • Impacts of micromobility
  • Concept and implementation of digital twins of traffic intersections
  • Crowdsource public transport accessibility data platform to gather user-generated data on accessibility barriers on public transport routes and improve the use of public transport by people with functional disabilities
  • A carpooling platform that includes game elements and rewards to encourage using carpooling and reduce the number of drives per person

As part of the hackathon, you will have the opportunity to work on challenges and solutions in teams, which will be judged by a jury of TSI experts and representatives of the transport industry, competing for the grand prize of € 1500 from TSI! 

Registration is now open and will continue until April 24, 2024.

You can apply both individually or in a team of 3-5 people.

Venue: TSI university, 1 Valerijas Seiles Street, Riga
Wednesday, May 8, 9:00-21:00
Thursday, May 9, 8:30-17:00
Participants: 9-12 grade pupils and college students
Language: Latvian, English
Main prize: € 1500
More information and the rules of the hackathon are available HERE (in Latvian)

Participating in the Smart Move hackathon is an incredible opportunity for young minds to tackle real-world mobility challenges head-on. By joining forces with like-minded innovators, you’ll have the chance to develop groundbreaking solutions that could reshape the future of transportation. This event not only allows you to showcase your skills and creativity but also offers valuable mentorship from experts. Whether you’re passionate about sustainability, technology, or making a positive impact, the Smart Move hackathon provides a platform to transform your ideas into reality.

– says Professor, PhD Emmanuel Merchan, TSI Dean of the Engineering Faculty

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