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Dear Students and Employees of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute!

Due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, as well as due to the first case of suspected illness, we would like to inform you that the work and classes at TTI continue in accordance with the current worh schedule and published timetable.

However, we recommend that all TTI staff and students pay attention to their health and personal hygiene, wash their hands thoroughly and avoid touching their face with their hands.

If you have returned from abroad and feel unwell, we recommend to stay at home and to observe your health. If you suspect symptoms of an infection, please call 113 immediately.

We would like to remind you that TTI employees have paid sick leave in accordance with Latvian legislation.

All relevant information on the coronavirus Covid-19 and the necessary precautions are updated on the website of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

Administration of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute

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