Congratulations to team “The Bits” and its mentor!

At the beginning of this study year, a team of first-year students from the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications of the Transport and Telecommunications Institute took part in the International Online Olympiad “World Erudite 2019” for the first time and and won the second place!

From October 8 to November 18, our inquisitive team “The Bits” participated in 12 rounds of the Olympiad and convincingly demonstrated team spirit, willingness to win and erudition!

The Bits team was represented by:

  • Kristina Ivanova
  • Mihails Savins
  • Danila Batakovs
  • Arsenijs Timofejevs
  • Ivans Gercevs
  • Aleksandrs Ratusevs

As team leader and mentor became TSI Mathematical Methods and Modelling Department Professor, expert-consultant for the ESF project “Support for the implementation of national and international events for the development of educational talents”, Doctor of Engineering Tatjana Samsina.

The aim and objectives of the Olympiad were as follows:

  • to develop interest in study disciplines
  • widening horizons
  • give students the opportunity to prove themselves globally, outside the country, but without leaving it
  • providing the conditions for the realization of the intellectual potential of young people

For our students, participating in the Olympiad was a great opportunity to learn something new, to look at the known on the other side, to show their knowledge and the spirit of competition.

Congratulations to all participants of “The Bits” and mentor on their victory and wish them a successful first session!

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