Apply for the “Studētgods” scholarship!

Students have the opportunity to apply for the “Studētgods” scholarship, which is set at 175 euros for 10 months a year!

Students eligible for the scholarship:

  • from large families
  • young people left without parental support or orphans
  • with disability of groups I or II

To apply for a scholarship, students of these social groups must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs (study years 1-4).

Conditions set for receiving the scholarship:

  • the results of the centralized exams in mathematics at the optimal level must be no lower than 30% and in Latvian language no lower than 40%
  • during studies, the average grade must be 6 or higher
  • a student must have good academic performance and be without any academic debt

The criteria are reviewed once a semester

You can apply for the “Studētgods” scholarship until September 20th, using’s “Studētgods” service.

More information on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia.

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