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Another Cooperation in the Field of ICT: TSI Signed an Agreement with Ogre Technical School

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) has signed a cooperation agreement with Ogre Technical School (OT). The purpose of the agreement is to promote education in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), which provides, first of all, support for instructors and pupils, including the development of research and project work, organization of educational career events for the pupils’, as well as the involvement of instructors in implementation of educational programs in the technical school.

Cooperation began with the participation in the competition for pupils of Latvian vocational schools in the field of ICT, organized by the Ogre Technical School, where TSI held one of the eight pre-prepared stages of the competition – ” Circuit Assembly”, where teams were awarded with souvenirs and useful prizes for studies!

Many thanks the Ogre Technical School for organizing the competition and popularizing the ICT field among young people, and we believe in successful cooperation in the future as well!

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