340 and 657 – What do these numbers mean?

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) taking care of its students and teachers has successfully organized lectures remotely. During the first week of studies remotely, TSI teachers delivered 290 lectures online and in the second week there were 367 lectures delivered. And in this week plans to deliver 340 lectures.

Online lectures attendance is equivalent to face-to-face lectures. Teachers, of course, have to use different methods to determine whether a student is really listening to a lecture or has just turned it on and does other side things, so taking this into account various control questions are used during the online lectures or at the end of the lecture there are express tests.

As well as this time, we would like to express our gratitude to our partners and service providers TET for their support and help, which in such a short notice has accelerated – doubling the speed of the Internet to enable uninterrupted video streaming.

More about provision of the study process in an emergency situation you can read in an interview with the Rector of TSI Juris Kanels but what our students think about lectures remotely, read in the comments below:

F. Pancuks: It seemed to me that the lectures went quite well and smoothly. I was expecting a lot more technical and organizational problems

E. Gailite: Everything was great 🙂

A. Nosiks: Everything went great, no problem

J. Gruzdeva: I liked, everything was good

L. Daineko: completely acceptable form of studies

V. Dudareva: everything very comfortable, no discomfort and delay, not going to the Institute even pleased me 🙂

K. Jurjans: enjoyed, thank you!

J.Girtciuss: given the circumstances, a very good solution. Friend is studying at another educational institution and there is running something on Skype, with all the problems that arise

L. Daineko: Probably, this situation is a kind of a gift for the Institute… It allows to test Distance Learning in once for all students

I. Laptev: overall good

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