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Ценности, миссия и стратегия

There is growing demand globally for STEM graduates and growing needs for expertise and solutions to the challenges of transportation, supply chains, aviation management, logistics, robotics and autonomous vehicle in an increasingly connected and globalized world and their impact on cities and society. TSI’s heritage, knowledge and expertise gives it a strong competitive advantage for being the leaders in advancing knowledge in these fields not just in Latvia but also in the wider region of the Baltic Sea region.

Our Vision

To be the leading private technical University in the Baltic Sea region.

Our Mission

To create and disseminate knowledge and make a positive difference to our community and the wider Baltic Sea region.

Our Values

We will achieve our goals because we hold fast to our beliefs and values.


We expect our students to follow through their best, innovative ideas, be adaptable and to take smart risks


We are ready to achieve our goals in each of our work directions with outstanding performance


We set high standards and we think in terms of sustainability and equitable opportunities for all our students


We are responsible for our students and environment inside the Institute and outside as well. We incorporate social and environmental priorities and practices into our everyday work and our relationships with students, their parents and society


We are community of passionate, carrying and dedicated individuals who provide individual approach to students, where everyone can honor their heritage and be an essential part of society

Our Strategy

TSI strategy for 2020 — 2025 is designed to reflect TSI’s ambition to be the leading private technical university in the Baltic Sea region and articulates TSI will make a difference to its students, to industry and to the higher education sector in the Baltic Sea region.

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