TSI Hosts First Meeting of the LeverAge Initiative

Europe faces one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century – an aging workforce. So far no actions have yet tackled the essential psychological and managerial aspects of work and aging. Therefore, the LeverAge initiative has brought together scientists and practitioners from around the world to jointly expand science and practice on work and organizational practices for an age-diverse workforce, successful aging at work for workers of different demographics, knowledge transfer between generations, the integration of age-diverse workers at work, aging and technology at work, and late-careers and retirement.

On May 9-10,  the first annual Working Group 3 “Integration of age-diverse workers and knowledge transfer” meeting was hosted by TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute to share thoughts and ideas from an international team of researchers. The topics discussed in the meeting included stereotypes and prejudice in age-diverse work environments, intergenerational knowledge transfer, and intergenerational (and friendly) relationships in the workplace.

The Action will establish five working groups in total focusing on key topics: Work and organizational practices for an age-diverse workforce; Successful aging at work; Integration of age-diverse workers and knowledge transfer; Aging and technology at work; Career development in later life and retirement. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, LeverAge strives to harness the potential of a multi-age workforce, enhancing individual well-being, organizational productivity, and societal prosperity amidst profound demographic and technological shifts.

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