The TSI Team Has Developed an Innovative Pilot Course «Green Digital Competencies In Transport and Logistics»

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute’s (TSI) team, in cooperation with partners from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Slovenia, actively worked to develop pilot courses in the field of transport and logistics, which would promote the professional education of lecturers in the development of digital and green competences. The innovative pilot course «Green Digital Competencies In Transport and Logistics» developed by TSI consists of three modules. It is provided with methodical material that will allow the organization of classes in various forms of education, including distance learning. The pilot courses have been developed within the Erasmus+ program KA2 «Strengthening the skills and competencies of teachers in digital pedagogy» (INGENIOUS).

The aim is to introduce its participants to the basic elements of intelligent transport systems (ITS), focusing on technological, system, and institutional aspects. Participants will be able to gain insights into systems engineering and its application in the planning, design, and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) projects.

Prof. Boris Mishnev, coordinator of the INGENIOUS project, comments on behalf of TSI: «The results of the INGENIOUS project are very important for the development of higher education in Europe and the introduction of innovative forms of educational organization in TSI.» It is planned to develop a model of a unified digital platform and a demonstration prototype for the organization of an expandable mobile educational service using cloud technologies, which are currently actively used in the provision of remote work environments and distance learning studies, thus making information more accessible, mobile and flexible.

In November 2022, under the leadership of the leading project partner, the University of Ioannina (Greece), a training session will be held for the representatives of the participating partners to train the participants on how to work with the digital platform developed by the Greek partners. The INGENIOUS project aims to develop a model and demonstration prototype of a unified digital platform to organize a scalable mobile education service using cloud technology.

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