Student, Great Opportunity for Everyone — Artificial Intelligence is Now Available in Elective Course!

Students (especially non-IT students) can improve their knowledge of working with technologies and expand their digital skills. Everyone who are interested has the opportunity to take the an online course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) — Elements of AI. You don’t need programming skills or previous knowledge about AI.

What to do?
— Register on the distance learning platform
— Choose Elective course (block C) in your personal student cardElements of AI
— Study it at a pace and time that’s convenient for you
— Get credit points (2 Latvian CP, 3ECTS)

The course takes an average of 25-30 hours, which everyone can complete in their free time and at their own pace, within one semester. There is no set start or end time for the course. The study course is easy to learn. The course has 6 modules and 25 tasks that provide an insight into the basics on AI.

! Take into account: if you will not register course as C block (elective), no credit points will be awarded.

Course especially is recommended for those that are not studying IT, because it will allow you to understand principles, development, and real examples in different fields of AI.

The 1% sign ups goal for Elements of AI is across all EU countries, and by 2021 the course will be translated in all EU languages. At the moment there are 500 000 students registered for the course, 25% of them are over 45 years old; 60% men, 40% women; at the University of Helsinki (one of course creators), applications from women for the Computer Science study programs has increased by 80% in part thanks to this course. The course is already available in the following languages: English, Finish, Swedish, German, Estonian, Norwegian, and Latvian.

Elements of AI is a free online course created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. The Government of Finland is funding adoption and maintenance costs for all EU languages. Language translation has been provided by the European Commission.

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