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New Aviation Course on Aircraft Maintenance Planning from APAC

Aviation professionals seeking to enhance their expertise can enroll in the newly launched course «Basic of Aircraft Maintenance Planning«. Developed by industry-leading experts, this comprehensive training equips participants with essential skills for work, supervision, management, and administration of planning in CAMO operator-related processes.

Course participants will delve into crucial topics such as Maintenance Steering Group (MSG) processes, Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) digitalization, ETOPS considerations, and Maintenance Program Design. The course offers flexible learning options, available either online or on-site according to individual preferences.

Designed for engineering and planning departments of operators, the course caters to CAMO personnel, CAMO Managers, Compliance Monitoring Managers, and Component Liaison Managers. While prior knowledge of Part CAMO/CAO and/or Part M is preferable, it’s not mandatory, making this course accessible to a wide range of aviation professionals eager to advance their careers.

Upon successful completion of the MCQ test, participants will be awarded the TSI/APAC certificate «Basic of Aircraft Maintenance Planning in EASA Environment.»

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and skills from industry experts to excel in the dynamic field of aircraft maintenance planning.

Enroll now to secure your spot and propel your career to new heights!

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