Establishing a networking framework between with National and International Associations, Clusters and Research Centers provides a collaborative platform for a wide range of technology transfer and knowledge sharing opportunities. TSI is proud to be a member and co-founder of many significant industry associations and organizations.

TSI pays special attention to the collaboration with Colleagues from others research centers and universities and as the results of this collaboration is joint scientific publications; conferences, research workshop; projects, research consortiums, etc.

TSI is active member in  ECTRI (European Conference of Transport Research Institutes) organization . This makes the possibilities to become visible and active in the European transport research area,  by participations in ECTRI thematic groups: TG Mobility; TG Freight and Logistics; TG Traffic Management.  TSI participates in activities in the frame of thematic groups: definition of the research topics in terms interest for influencing EC Transport policies and programs; participation projects and consortiums; networking and scientific exchanges. Participation in ECTRI groups give ability to bring out TSI interests to participate in EU-level research projects and to be involved in proposals initiated by ECTRI members.

TSI participated in activities of European organizations & associations:

To share knowledge and collaborate with business in frame of applied research in National & Baltic Sea Region level, TSI is involved in organizations such as:

And others

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