Industry leaders gather at TSI’s open discussion

On May 7th, an open discussion titled «Future Logistics Talent Development Perspectives in Latvia» took place, with the participation of three logistics industry companies and HR management experts, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Transport and associations.

The aim of the event was to provide a platform for industry representatives, policymakers, human resources and talent management managers, academics, and students to explore current trends, strategies, and challenges facing the transport and logistics sector. Additionally, perspectives on talent development and career growth in the field of logistics in Latvia, generations differences in the labor market, the development of the transport and logistics sector both in Latvia and across Europe, as well as the international presence and opportunities of logistics and transportation companies in Europe and globally, were discussed.

As indicated by Valerija Kozlova, the dean of the Transport and Management Faculty at TSI, based on the latest data from «Market Research Future» and «Statista», the global logistics industry is rapidly evolving, especially in the field of digital and intelligent technologies and equipment, which is clearly expressed in the logistics sector. Therefore, there is and will be a high demand for new specialists who know and manage the latest digital tools, both in Latvia and globally.

The event attracted professional participation due to its relevance and significance in shaping the future of the logistics industry in Latvia and beyond. Representatives from the ministry, associations and companies provided valuable insights and opinions, enriching the dialogue and promoting cooperation among stakeholders. The Ministry of Transport comments that the transport logistics sector administers about 40% of service exports into Latvia’s economy. For this reason, special attention is paid to it at both national and business levels. The Latvian transit corridors cross the country both from East to West and from North to South, making it a suitable location for organizing transport logistics worldwide.
The event was held in English, allowing various industry stakeholders to participate. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights, network and contribute to shaping the future of logistics talent development in Latvia and beyond.

TSI organizes annual discussion events dedicated to the logistics and transport industry, as the study programmes BSc Transport and Business Logistics and MSc Transport and Logistics rank 1st places among Latvian universities in the field of transport services according to the recommendations by employers, making this university a leader in higher education in the fields of transport and logistics.

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