Online meeting with Rector of TSI was held!

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute continues to actively inform and communicate with students during quarantine. On May 8, 2020, another regular meeting was held with the Rector of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute Juris Kanels. Students actively joined the online meeting, asking their questions both in chat and on the microphone. The Rector and the staff of the Study Department answered the questions that had been sent before. The meeting was held in three languages and each student has the opportunity to ask and get an answer to their questions. Most of the questions were related to upcoming pre-defense and defense of final works, organization of examination period and the end of the emergency situation in the Latvia. Students also commented on the remote lectures.

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute express gratitude to all the students who joined the online meeting and appreciate their responsiveness and questions!

We also would like to Inform you, that next online meeting will take place on May 22, 2020, at 16.00. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs A.Zvaigzne and the Head of Distance Learning Department T.Misane will answer the students’ questions. Link to the meeting: https://meetings.tsi.lv/b/and-2nu-fgk

We will be waiting for your questions in advance to the e-mail address student@tsi.lv!

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