New multi-disciplinary HORIZON 2020 project: 36 partners incl. 10 universities from 4 continents

On 07 May 2020 Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) together with internationally recognized research and business entities signed a grant agreement with the European Commission for the implementation of a project “Enhanced Physical Internet-Compatible Earth-frieNdly freight Transportation answer — ePIcenter” in the total amount of EUR 6 848 575,00 as part of the EU Research and Innovation Programme HORIZON 2020.

The project will start on 1st of June 2020 and will continue 42 months. Head of the project from TSI side — Prof. Dr. Sc.Ing. Irina Yatskiv (Jackiva).

ePIcenter has 36 partners with a balanced complementary set of multi-disciplinary competencies: supply chain technology providers, researchers, logistics operators, manufacturers, legal and policy experts and representatives from all main stakeholders. Partners involved in the project are leading in their field, such as Port of Antwerp, Volkswagen’s daughter logistics company GVZe, DHL, Stena, Panasonic, etc.

10 leading universities and educational centres providing researchers from many disciplines (Marine Biology, Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities, Information Technology & Communications, Economics and Climate & Environment) are included, from four continents. VGTU, TSI, IMG, HEW, BIB, HSL, SAB, VIC, SHN and LAV have this role.

Main aim of project is to create an interoperable cloud-based ecosystem of user-friendly extensible Artificial Intelligence-based logistics software solutions and supporting methodologies that will enable all players in global trade and international authorities to co-operate with ports, logistics companies and shippers, and to react in an agile way to volatile political and market changes and to major climate shifts impacting traditional freight routes. The overall objective is an innovative collaboratively — driven solution to the increasingly complex strategic and operational planning task that faces logistics operators, shippers and policy makers.

ePIcenter will accelerate progress towards an Enhanced Physical Internet enabled Global-European Network (“ePIGEN”). i.e. efficient integration of the infrastructure or “hard” TEN-T network with global networks, and seamless integration in the “soft” layer: secure international information flows and digitalisation, combined with ethical algorithms for environmentally friendly logistics and seamless freight movements.

The first kick-off meeting is scheduled on 17th June 2020.

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