For a week now, TSI has been giving online lectures. First interviews with students

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), following the declaration of the State of emergency, was able to adapt quickly and restructured the learning process remotely. More than 130 lectures have already been successfully delivered online this week in the Moodle system.

As well as our guest professor Eftychia Nathanail from Greece delivered an online consultation for students in the study course “Decision Making Methodologies”.

Distance learning experience shared three of our students — ViktorijPizova (Riga), TSI Student Council Vice-President and Secretary, studying Bachelor Social Sciences in Management; Romy James (India), studying Master in Computer Science and Vettikkattil Nazeer Natheermon (India), studying Bachelor in Transport and Business Logistics.

How did you take the news that during next month study will be online? Were you happy or disappointed?

Viktorija: I was not very happy to find out about quarantine in the country at all, but the news about the distance learning I took easy, with interest how is going to be

Romy: Happy because the situation is very bad right now — serious. Due to the pandemic situation in the World, including Latvia, I am satisfied with the online lectures

Vettikkattil: I am glad that in this situation is an opportunity to stay home and learn online

What is the most comfortable place to listen your online lectures – in sofa, kitchen or park?

Viktorija: Honestly, for the first lectures I joined online in bed, just opening my eyes in the morning, but I’m comfortable to study everywhere: in the tram, in the kitchen or in the beloved cafe Coffeein

Romy: Any place with an internet connection

Vettikkattil: In the park

Is it easy to persuade yourself to join Moodle or you are making excuses to skip the lecture?

Viktorija: Easy, because I understand that these are the same lectures as at the Institute, just now I don’t have to go anywhere. There is quarantine, but lectures follows the schedule

Romy: Yes, connecting to Moodle is very easy and most of the time I do

Vettikkattil: No, I’m not trying to make exuses, I join

Is everything okey with the technical connection and services? Does the teacher answer students’ questions?

Viktorija: There were no technical connection issues, but sometimes there are problems with quality or sound for example two people talking at the same time

Romy: Yes, everything was fine so far

Vettikkattil: Yes, the lectures are pretty good but sometimes internet connections breaks up everything and stops the learning process

Have you ever joined a lecture and meanwhile went to make lunch or some snack?

Viktorija: But it’s a great opportunity to do two things at once! I make breakfast and listen to the lecture at the same time

Romy: If I want, I can do it 🙂

Vettikkattil: Yes it has happened 🙂

Could you share the secret how teachers are checking whether you listening a lecture or not? For example, ask some questions, give to fill some tests or otherwise?

Viktorija: All teachers offer to join discussions, either live to see students. We use the online chat to ask questions. Of course is given homework, various projects and most importantly that the material is made available in the Moodle and you can always write email to the teacher

Romy: The teacher asks some questions during the lecture

Vettikkattil: Sometimes teachers ask specific questions to students who are online and listen the lecture. Sometimes then funny situations happen

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