eMEDIATOR dissemination workshop

Last week, TSI hosted a dissemination workshop within eMEDIATOR project work frame (Erasmus+).

The workshop was aimed at gaining knowledge and spreading awareness about the creation of an advantageous education environment or “Ecosystem for European Education Mobility as a Service: Model with Portal Demo.”

The long-term and main goal is to create an ecosystem with a demo- portal that uses the principles of a competent service education tool, which is mainly aimed at student education purposes, as well as to a partnership between business representatives and higher education institutions.

This kind of ecosystem would be highly beneficial, as both sides have valuable things to bring for the collaboration: education and research for the business employees & internship and work and other possibilities for students and alumni.

Part of the agenda also included a discussion on the matter of meeting the individual needs of students, educators, and business employees within the development of the offered model – both in the higher education questions and life-long learning.

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