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Distance learning — studies for everyone, regardless of age

The world of education was only starting to see the rise of distance learning and other online learning platforms about ten years ago. Currently, they are essential. Due to its ease of use, adaptability to daily schedule, multimedia content availability, variety of teaching techniques, and, of course, homework assignments, online education has grown its popularity and accessibility.

The amount of people who want to refresh and enhance their knowledge or acquire new skills for their everyday work is increasing — they decide to take online courses and participate in remote learning. Significantly, top universities now provide remote learning options for not only courses but also Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Jelena Janchenko and Hermanis Sochivko obtained their Bachelor’s degrees by studying «Business and Management» in distance learning. Although both had already received professional training, they decided to study for their Bachelor’s degree at TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute. According to Jelena and Hermanis, their prior education and work experience helped them a lot. Firstly, already existing knowledge was firmly refreshed. Secondly, it was easier to study as topics and terms were quite familiar to their background. Both distance learning graduates shared their experiences as well as recommendations to consider becoming a distance learning student.

Time and place barriers disappear

These days, the advantages of online learning and remote learning are discussed more and more frequently. The ability to study anywhere, at any time, according to the two alumni of TSI’s distance learning bachelor degree, is fantastic. By its nature, distance learning shifts the strict frames of being present during classes. It implies that anyone can learn whenever and wherever they want. Instead of adjusting your schedule to fit around classes and lectures, make study time a part of your everyday routine. For instance, if you need to, you can study during your lunch break or while your child is at training, on your way to work if you aren’t driving, in the evenings, or on your days off.

Less time and resources

Anyone who has ever studied will recall the hours wasted in traffic, waiting at bus stops, and travelling to and from lectures from their homes or work. Online learning can be done without the learner physically being present at the university “It’s easy maths”, Jelena shares. “Just try counting the amount of time you spend getting from the workplace to the university and then back, while constantly thinking if you should go back or just go home right away considering the traffic.

jelena jancenkoCalculating how much time you can save is simple if, per instance, lectures are on schedule for 4 or 5 days a week. Additionally, distance learning enables you to visit a library, speak with a lecturer, and schedule a meeting with fellow students at the university if necessary.

Less stress, a more comfortable environment, and better results

Attending lectures online from any location, simply gives everyone the ability to design a comfortable and relaxing learning environment for themselves. «For me, studying was the only thing I did on Saturday. I studied at home, which is already a far more comfortable environment than a classroom for me. I believe, learning environment is crucial,» Jelena explains.
A major benefit is that the student can schedule the test’s time and location, ensuring their well-being, lowering their anxiety, and raising their confidence. Since it was possible to prepare on their own, Hermanis claims that the stress level during exams was significantly lower: «I think it was easier to take the tests because you could gather your thoughts, sit down and prepare, and calmly start the test. It seemed easier emotionally, so it was easier to concentrate, and of course, the results were better.«

No competitive comparison or age barrier

Jelena highlights that she appreciated distance learning because there is no comparison of students’ knowledge levels or levels of experience during the course. As a result, studying is simple, emotionally and psychologically. She also considers it inspiring that anyone can enrol in distance learning at any age. «When I filed my application, I was a little concerned that there would be young individuals on the course and that there would be an age gap. How would I feel? However, everything worked out great in the end, and I felt confident.«

The study process is mostly under your control

Students can organize the study process for themselves in the most comfortable way as they aren’t always required to start a course at specified times, can reread the content if necessary, and can seek further knowledge across a variety of resources when learning online. Hermanis states: «I liked that I could stop studying at any point and resume when I could study again, from where I left off.«

Jelena shares her experience of studying economics course, which she claims wasn’t easy: «The key to all success is the lecturer, who explains the subject in detail. This is very important because even complicated things can be explained in a way that anyone can understand it, easily and quickly. Lecturers use a variety of teaching methods, both printed out materials to learn the subject and videos Of course, for the lecturer, their subject is everyday life, so they speak this specific language, but for students, it is a new world. Therefore it was very insightful getting complex things explained in simple ways, supplemented by a variety of materials. Additionally, it’s wonderful that you can study at your own pace. You can review the content or watch a video lesson as many times as you need to, whenever it is most convenient for you

Lower costs

Hermanis SocivkoAnother reason why online learning may have become so popular is its cost. In particular, tuition fees for online programmes are lower than for face-to-face programmes. Due to the fact that tuition is less expensive and may be paid in parts, a student may not need to get a student loan to get education.

Green lifestyle

According to UK Open University research, distance learning «consumes on average 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses»*. In this case, the fact that the study materials are made available online and not recreated for every class, as well as the reality that students do not take public transport to get to lectures, both play a part. This is a fantastic chance for the university to demonstrate that it cares about the environment, future students’ carbon footprints, and sustainable behaviour.

Motivation and support 

Often, a supportive and personalized attitude from the university gives you an extra boost of energy and motivation. During Covid-19, Jelena’s workload practically doubled, and she struggled to balance employment, family and studies. As a result, she thought about taking a break. The staff at the university were supportive, helpful, and advised her to continue her studies. Jelena appreciates this support to this day and is very much and grateful for the opportunity. She rates the study programme as a very successful and claims that her story also proves that various external factors and obstacles can be successfully overcomed in order to obtain an education. She believes that the attitude of the university towards its students is crucial, and at the same time, the students should be open, loyal, and hardworking so that this relationship is respectful and fair on both ends.

Digital literacy and distance learning

Digital platforms where lectures and their materials are held, go hand in hand with distance learning. Many times people may be uncertain about their ability to learn a subject if they are not familiar with technologies. Graduates of TSI’s online learning classes acknowledge how simple the system is. It is easy to navigate and simple to use. Remember that the study methodologists are always reachable by phone and that the technical support team constantly reviews and updates what is required to ensure that students can successfully use the platform from any computer or smart device.

If you are interested in studying, take a look at the distance learning programmes offered by TSI: at Bachelor level you can specialise in «Business and Management«, and at Master level in «Management of Information Systems«, «Transport and Logistics» or «Business and Management«. 

The TSI’s faculty and staff are open and communicative, the Admission team’s doors are always open to anyone interested. Applications are accepted all year round. 

Be one step closer to your dream, one step closer to your future with TSI!

* Source: https://www.kdplatform.com/advantages-greenlearning/

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