TSI Launches Innovative “Blended Mode” for BSc Computer Sciences

Our bachelor’s programme in COMPUTER SCIENCE is now offered in an innovative distance learning format – blended learning, combining the flexibility of independent study with the benefits of real-time online interactions. This new approach allows you to study at your own pace from anywhere in the world while also having the opportunity to join live lectures with professors and fellow students online.

For distance learning students, the duration of the bachelor’s programme is 5 years, providing a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in computer science. This mode offers a suitable and effective way to advance your education and career in the tech industry.

Blended learning combines the benefits of traditional classroom teaching with modern technology to make learning real-time, contextual and engaging. By integrating online and in-person elements, the blended mode enhances student interactions with the university lecturers and encourages a collaborative learning environment, which, according to feedback from distance learning students and graduates, has been lacking in the current format. Students can enjoy the convenience of studying from home or other places,  while participating in meaningful, hands-on sessions that enrich their educational journey. 

Join our new distance learning format and advance your professional growth in the ICT field by studying in TSI’s Bachelor’s programme in Computer Science, which ranks 1st among private universities in Latvia for computer science studies based on employer recommendations.

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