Introduction to Statistics and Probability Theory
This will be a brief introduction to the Probability Theory. We will refresh in mind some school Combinatorics or learn from scratch if this was not covered. We will talk about tossing coins, rolling dice and playing cards. We will solve some exciting probability theory tasks, e.g., we will be looking for chances to meet a person with the same date of birth as yours. Come and you will find out how to calculate your chances in winning in a lottery!

Информация о курсе

Длительность: 10 Ак. Часа
Место: На месте
Инструктор: Jeļena Larina
Язык курса: английский, латышский, русский

Период:  June-August-from 18th July

Цена: 90 €

Основная информация

Поспеши! Количество слушателей на курсе ограничено – не больше 12 человек!

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