Intermediate English

This course covers Vocabulary/TOPICS (both for class activities and extra tasks), Speaking (10-15 minutes on each topic), Reading/Listening, Academic Writing (Essays, diagrams, summary) and Grammar.

Some contents:

  • Study and work,
  • Television the country,
  • DIY and repairs, paraphrasing,
  • Compound adjectives; modifiers,
  • Word Order in questions,
  • Present Simple,
  • Present Continuous,
  • Past Simple,
  • Past Continuous,
  • Be Going To, Past perfect,
  • Reported speech,
  • Present perfect simple,
  • Future forms,
  • Phrasal verbs; verb patterns,
  • Auxiliary verbs,
  • Friendly intonation...

Информация о курсе

Длительность: 32 Ак. Часа
Место: На месте
Инструктор: Patrick Saliba Wright
Язык курса: английский

Период:  Июнь-Июль

learn english
Цена: 410 €

Основная информация

Поспеши! Количество слушателей на курсе ограничено – не больше 12 человек!

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